Community Integrated Support Services

What is Community Integration?

Offering someone community integration means supporting people with developmental disabilities and significant disabilities to explore their interests and how they are connected to other people, activities, and employment through those interests.

Community integration is about self-empowerment, learning, and developing skills, with a goal of helping people realize who they are, what they are capable of, and how they can connect with other people.

Community integration is made up of planned and purposeful opportunities.

Our services are tailored to offer the opportunity to:

  • explore new interests, hobbies, and ideas that have never been explored before, via the internet, streaming, phone calls, etc.;
  • develop or maintain skills, abilities, and possible opportunities for supported or competitive jobs;
  • explore or maintain skills, abilities, and possible interest in post-secondary educational opportunities or volunteer activities;
  • experience virtual companionship with friends and peers;
  • learn or develop new skills to support and increase independence;
  • and find new skills or interests by creating a discovery journal, which can help people express thoughts and feelings, as well as find and define goals and ambitions.

At ILC-Mobile individuals with intellectual disabilities and significant disabilities receive physical therapy, speech therapy, assistive technology, skills and training, and job coaching services to empower them to live and participate in community activities and employment.


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